Can you recommend a veterinarian?

Sure. Here is a list of awesome vets:

Dr. Daniel Reimer –

Dr. Greek in Yorba Linda –

Dr. Attila Molnar –

Dr. Adler –

Dr. Antin –

Dr. Kenneth Coscarelli –…

What other resources do you recommend?

CA Turtle and Tortoise Club

The Turtle and Tortoise Rescue of Arroyo Grande

Sunland Water Gardens (turtle rescue)


What can I do for an animal I found or can no longer keep?

This information is for those who find themselves in such circumstances because of life changes, or they have found an animal in need of rescuing or relocation in their yard or home. Each case would have to be handled in a particular order as to insure the best way to protect the animal and human. Animals given up for adoption to the SWHS must go through a quarantine period as to not infect the other animals in our program. Animals captured should be released where they are safe from human interference. An animal not indigenous shall be quarantined and re-homed with those who are knowledgeable and can properly care for that species.

Below is a list of animals we do not take in because we just do not have room for them and would be overwhelmed:

  • Red-Eared Sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans) (See turtle rescues above under other resources)
  • Large (over 6 foot) Common Red-Tailed Boas (Boa constrictor)
  • Ball Python (Python regius)
  • Venomous Species
  • Endangered species

If you are looking to re-home red eared sliders please contact either the CA Turtle and Tortoise Club or the Sunland Water Gardens.